Friday, April 26, 2013

Bits + Pieces

This week was crazy, good. Tomorrow Benjamin turns 5 months old *gasp* so I'll save the run down on the trials and tribs with him this week for his letter but here's a rough recap. This week Benjamin...

... is still teething but his bitty tooth has made an appearance.
... is still snotty nosed and congested.
... is rolling over all over the place. 
... can sit and play on his own for minutes at a time. 
... enjoyed several outdoor walks this week and his first one facing out where he fully enjoyed and took everything in. 
... rode in a swing at the park for the first time but wasn't sure what he thought about it. 
... made a new girlfriend.
Shortly after moving here Ben introduced me to Murphey Candler Park, where he likes to go running. I like going there too. It's right down the street from our apartment and is great for walking. You can walk the lake or the softball fields (which is easier for me with the stroller). I also love how beautiful it is. You may remember this family photo with my inlaws earlier this year. We also took our Easter photos at this park which is one of my favorite family photos so far. I would love to schedule a photo session there this Spring!

Tuesday evening, when Ben got home from work, the three of us went to the park. Ben ran the lake while the baby and I strolled the softball fields. It was after Benjamin's bedtime but still nice to be out. He stayed awake for a while but slept through most of it. The weather was gorgeous and I enjoyed watching the kids play softball. It made me excited for when Ben grows up and plays sports. I can't wait! But I can. ;)
We went to lunch on Wednesday with a couple of the girls in my moms group. My friend Chanel took these photos, which I love, of Benjamin and her son, Henry. She invited a friend from high school that we had a chance to meet and Benjamin was quite taken with her little girl, Ryan. At one point they were holding hands which was so stinkin' adorable. It was the first time Ben really cared about another baby being near him. Chanel recently started blogging about her adorable family and other great things over at Luca Love. You should go say hello!
This week Benjamin has been sleeping on an incline with a pillow. I'm well aware of the dangers of this..he's not rolling over in his sleep yet and I'm never more than a few feet away. It's helped significantly with his nasal drip and he isn't waking coughing nearly as often. I can't wait for this to be over because he is a drippy snotty mess.
Even still he is such a happy baby. And oh my goodness is he beautiful. Seriously. I sit and watch him and still can't believe it. Ben chuckles at me every night when I walk away from Benjamin's crib muttering how damn cute he is. He is still obsessed with his Exercauser, thank goodness. I feel like he's outgrowing toys and clothes and just about everything way too fast!!
Started back at the gym this week and working hard to get into shape. More on that next week! Thanks to everyone who participated in the TrulySanctuary giveaway this week! I loved reading your submissions of your favorite tees. So much goodness! I'll be announcing the winner later today! 


  1. love all the pics of sweet ben!!

  2. He IS seriously adorable. Perfect, really. I LOVE my daily check ups of him on the blog and instagram. I'm a little obsessed actually...I have a file on my computer for him. :) Keep sharing your beautiful family. I love you!!

  3. Joleen, you give me hope! I am so happy for you! - Karla/Pinkdotties


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