Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

This weekend I had one (of what I'm sure will be many as a parent) of those moments where I had to remind myself of what's really important. This was Benjamin's first Easter and I was so excited! We lovingly put together his basket and my mom made him the cutest reversible vest to wear. I wanted to have his photo taken with the Easter Bunny like we did with Santa. I didn't take him to the mall because we had planned to have his photo taken at an Easter event on Saturday but then the bunny ended up being a teenager in a hot pink bunny suit. Insert wide eyes here. I was a little bummed and was going on and on about it. Then it hit me how ridiculous I was being. Tradition is important and the Easter Bunny, the eggs, the basket, and the cute outfit are fun but that isn't the reason for our celebration. And so I'll show Benjamin these photos I took of him as my "somebunny" special and we'll laugh about the hot pink bunny I didn't make him sit with and we'll talk about the Good News that Jesus Christ died and rose again for our sins!
Saturday afternoon we went to an Easter event with the our new friends, the Johnson's. I know Sarah and Gavin through the mom's group and I was so happy to meet Sarah's husband, Jarred, and get to know their family one on one. Gavin is 8 months old and just the sweetest baby! I'm pretty much obsessed with his hair, too. They had crafts in the clubhouse and after we'd decorated some foam eggs and took a few photos outside, we went up to her parent's for drinks and good conversation. I'm so glad they invited us!
Sunday morning we gave Benjamin his Easter basket. He's still too young to comprehend the Easter Bunny so I told him his gifts and cards were from us (his grandparents and aunts contributed, too!). I'm not really sure how we'll address everything in the future yet. His book went straight into his mouth, like most everything these days, so I would say that it was a hit.

Can we talk about how stinkin' cute he looked?! You may remember this Dream Catcher Baby bowtie that he wore to our wedding? My mom took it home with her to match the fabric and made this reversible blue vest. Do you see those cute sailboat buttons?! Ohmygoodness, I die!
After we gave Benjamin his basket Ben's sister and brother-in-law came over to join us for the day. The five of us went to church together and then stopped by the park because I wanted to take photos. I've been wanting to get some nice ones of Benjamin with his Aunt Nikki and Uncle Derek and this was the perfect opportunity! I loved their outfits together, too - polka dots and stripes! So cute!
Then I asked Derek to take one of us and I am in love with this photo he took! It's one of my favorite family photos to date!!
At 3 pm we went to dinner at my grandparents for a traditional Easter dinner. Everything was delicious!! This photo was taken as supper was wrapping up and my Papa was in the kitchen cleaning up, Benjamin was so patient and good while he waited for us to eat. It was such a beautiful day with family! I hope yours was too!!

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