Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How To Organize Your Children's Craft Room | Before + After

A few weeks ago I was contacted about organizing this craft room for two super cute girls I used to babysit. Their entire house is amazing and so naturally so is their craft room. They just needed a little help getting it cleaned up and organized.
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The first thing I did was check out the room again and take a few measurements. Next, I shopped around online and came up with a plan of action. The first project was to decorate the giant corkboard. I found these large magnets at Joann's and hot glued them to thumbtacks to make pushpins. I wanted to bring in other colors and these reminded me of gumballs. They're also proportionate to the size of the board which stood about 4' tall.  

Note: I initially tried using E600 glue which would probably last longer than hot glue but because the tacks were magnetic they kept sliding around before they would dry. I even tried using a coated tack with the same result. In the end, I used hot glue which dried almost immediately. I put pressure on the tack once they'd been dry a while just to make sure it was secure.
I purchased these two boards which I sanded down, primed, and sprayed with chalkboard paint. This way they could change the section titles whenever they want to. Who doesn't love chalkboards?! I used to love writing our signs when I worked at Paper Source and this project definitely took me back. I love Bistro Chalk Markers! They're the best. The colors are vibrant and they write smoothly. I'm a huge fan. I bought this new Extra Fine White Chalk Marker to try as well but wasn't happy with it at all. Stick to Bistro.
Monday was installation day! My grandma came over to babysit Benjamin so I could go work. He's teething and neither one was in tears when I got home 4 hours later, so that's saying something! Good job, GG! 

The first thing I did when I got there was take everything out of the cupboards and drawers to see what I was working with. I created a pile of everything that was better suited to their playroom or bedrooms and a small trash pile. Everything was in random storage containers so one by one I went through and organized the contents. The girls are only 4 and 6 so it was important to make sure the items they use the most are the easiest to access. I also was careful not to stack any heavy boxes. 
Top row: books for reading, beads for stringing, paper dolls, empty boxes for filling with more supplies, easel paper, and paints/brushes.

Bottom row: coloring books, plain paper and notepads, pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and playdoh.

[Left] drawers: extra coloring and activity books, workbooks, and scrapbooking supplies.

[Right] drawers: random portfolios, and an inbox for each of the girls to put new work to be gone through by their parents.

On the desk: Artwork, lazy Susan (with new markers, rulers and other tools (scissors, hole punch, etc.), and custom calendar.
Finally, I purchased these wood letters at Joann's for $1.48 each. They were black so I primed and spray painted them white. I used these Removable Mounting Squares which I hadn't used before. Unfortunately, because of the backboard material, I had issues getting them to stay up and they had to go back and use an alternative adhesive. I did really like these squares though and will definitely give them another try on a regular wall. 
Three and a half hours later, I was finished! It was such a fun project for me and has me inspired and motivated to work on the many apartment projects I have pinned on Pinterest. I hope this inspires you to work on that organization project you've been wanting to do!

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