Monday, March 11, 2013

Atlanta Fair 2013

This past weekend Ben's dad, step mom, and youngest sister, Karen, flew in from St. Louis. It was mine and Benjamin's first time meeting the ladies and we were really looking forward to it! It's been pretty chilly these last couple of weeks but thankfully this weekend it warmed up some. After visiting at our place a bit on Saturday we went to the Atlanta Fair downtown along with Ben's other sister, Nikki, and their cousin. When we first got there it seemed really small and we weren't sure how much fun it would be but it ended up being really fun! We all participated in games or rides with Karen. As you can see I braved the tilt-o-whirl. I remembered liking that ride a lot when I was younger but as I was "buckling in" I realized that was over half my life ago. Haha! We ate yummy fair food (of course!) I had a hot dog and french fries and we shared a cotton candy. Pure sugar and dye in a bag. Yum yum. 

The rest of the weekend we enjoyed meals and visits with my in laws and yesterday we set up the tripod to take a few family photos at the park. Here is the whole gang!


  1. Looks like you had a grand time! Love the colors!!!

  2. Loved these photos....what a great outing. Oh.My.Goodness!--I can't believe you went on that thing. :o) I always think to myself, "Oh that was awesome! I haven't done that/tried that in years...!" Haha....never quite turns out the same.


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