Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two Months

Dear Benjamin,

Today you turned two months old! You have grown so much in the last month. I think of you much more like a "baby" than a "newborn" these days and actually have to pause to consider it when strangers exclaim how tiny you are. At one month you weighed 10 lbs. 3.2 ounces but by six weeks you were already 12 lbs. 1.5 ounces. You're growing like a weed! Tomorrow is your two month doctor appointment and I'm looking forward to seeing how much more you've grown in the last [almost] 3 weeks. (Edited to add: You weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz and measured 26 inches! That's the 99th percentile in length!!) We had to pack away all of your size 1 Pampers along with your newborn and nearly all of your 0-3 month clothing. You're wearing size 1 in Huggies or 1-2 in Kirkland/store brands. You've also moved into your 3-6 month clothing. I can hardly believe it! A couple of days ago I put you in a size 6 month romper and it fit in the length. I swear you're going to be taller than me by the time you're five years old. Daddy already has you playing for the Lakers. I hope you like basketball, son. 

You are definitely the cutest baby there ever was. No question about it. I'm not just saying that because I'm your mom. I've seen ugly babies. You're not one of 'em. You were giving us full on smiles by 5 weeks old and there is nothing I love more. Your entire face lights up. You coo and kick and it's adorable. You think Mommy is so funny, too. Most of the time I'm in my pajamas with my hair in a messy bun above my head. Sometimes when I talk to you it bounces up and down and you think it's hilarious. I can't wait until you're full on laughing but the little squeals you let out are seriously the sweetest! I send Daddy videos as much as possible and he thinks you're pretty amazing too. You're still very serious most of the time (I think it's an indication of your observant personality) but sometimes when I copy your "serious face" you get the biggest smile on your face like I know your secret too. Needless to say, we entertain each other a lot!
Last month I was obsessed with your lips. This month it's been your hair. It is wild. No other way to describe it. There is no rhyme or reason; it just kind of does what it wants. My favorite is when you have sweaty head or after your bath because it curls back. I encourage it all the time. I can see the soft curls starting to form and that makes me ridiculously excited.

As we discovered early on, you are very strong. You hold your head up with virtually no problem now, although occasionally it gets a little bit heavy and weeble woobly. You have strong stomach muscles and can not only stand tummy time for a pretty significant amount of time for your age but you can sit up if we hold you in our laps or prop you up on a chair/the bed. Mommy needs to buy you a Bumbo ASAP. I read you books from time to time but you don't have any interest in them yet. You do, however, enjoy the Baby Einstein flashcards. The white owl is your favorite - you coo every time you see it! I've been trying to make you more aware of your hands by placing toys in them (usually rings you can grasp). You haven't been able to grab onto anything yet but in your excitement you will bat at your toys. No favorites yet but Lamby is the strongest contender for now. We've already had to make a trip to Babie's 'r Us for another sound machine mechanism to put in him. Toy insurance. Whodathunkit? 
We have been through many, many challenges in the last month but I finally feel like we've hit that magic spot [for now]. Yesterday you had your best day yet! Mommy was very concerned because earlier in the week you weren't sleeping much longer than 30 minutes at a time which made for two cranky people. I decided a couple nights ago that starting yesterday I would attempt to put you on more of a schedule. Nothing super strict or anything. Basically more of a routine. More purpose to your awake times. We've spent the last few days transitioning you to sleep in your bassinet co-sleeper. It's still in the bed with me for now but has made all the difference! You and I are both sleeping so much better. You've seriously hit all of my mini goals for you this week out of the ballpark. Then, last night you had your longest sleep EVER at over five hours!! Mommy thought she had died and gone to Heaven. Thank you for that!

We are going to experience so many changes and "firsts" together this month. In just over a week you are taking your first airplane trip across the country in our big move to Atlanta. Mommy is only a little nervous about traveling with you. You're going to be great. Daddy will be there waiting for us and we are so excited to finally be together as a family.

I love you, 

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