Monday, January 28, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up | Send Off

Hello, friends! I hope you had a lovely weekend. We sure did [*mostly]. Can you believe that I managed to get completely ready two days in a row? I may have been wearing the same shirt both days but I say that's still cause for celebration. Saturday my best friend, Candice, came over with a couple of our friends, Jenny and Rene, who hadn't met the baby yet. Benjamin took that time to have a very long (nearly 3 hour!) nap in another room. Oops. I finally had to wake him up (I know, gasp) so that I could feed him before we all went out to dinner.

The 4.5 of us went to Lucille's BBQ which is one of my favorite restaurants. Since I'm currently not pumping I couldn't partake in my favorite drink, the Back Porch Lemonade, but that's okay. The meal was good and went off without a hitch until the very end *when I put a piece of gum in my mouth and noticed that my tooth had chipped! Ugh. It was Saturday and I knew I had to wait until today to call my dentist. Thankfully it doesn't hurt but it's sharp and where it's at it keeps catching my tongue and cheek. Having just gone through pregnancy gingivitis and a root canal/crown while pregnant, I am not super excited about more dental work or the money I'll have to shell out to get it done. Not at all.

Sunday we had a little get together at my parent's house so that my family could visit and send us off with their well wishes. My friend, Claudia, came and brought her 13 month old son, Nathan. He is seriously cute! Huge personality. I especially loved his "poochy face". See bottom.

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