Saturday, January 19, 2013

Breastfeeding Update: Adopting a Dairy Free Diet

Let me start off by saying that things have been so much better the last couple of days! If you haven't been following along, last week I talked about our breastfeeding experience and my issues with a painful letdown. After seeing my son's pediatrician and my lactation consultant we determined that I had an oversupply of breast milk resulting in a slue of problems for us both. 

Armed with a shopping list and a positive attitude I resolved myself to finding the solution to this and making it work. The nipple shield has been a huge success. I'm not really sure why I hadn't purchased one sooner. Our experience is infinitely more pleasant. Benjamin has gone from nursing 10-20 minutes (sometimes even less) to 35-60 minutes. Nursing on our back in the Australian hold is getting to be second nature. We have a much easier time when he nurses from the right breast and I've even been able to snooze through it a couple of times! I'm using the coconut oil and softshells 24/7 and have started to heal. I've read a few things about weaning off the shield when the time comes but I'm wondering why I would want to do this? Especially when he begins teething. Opinions? 

So, although our breastfeeding experience has taken a turn for the better, Benjamin is still having tummy troubles. I put a call in to his pediatrician this morning with an update on my little man and our progress. I told him about the improvements we've seen and new issues that have cropped up (constipation; not enough urine) as well as the constant noisy gas movements and fussiness. He acknowledged that I'd already cut out obvious dairy (milk + cheese) per our visit last week but now he would like me to adopt a dairy free diet.
Maybe it's because I've had a week to digest (no pun intended) and research this possibility but I don't feel discouraged. I've decided to have a positive attitude about all of this because this is a decision I'm making from my heart. I want to breastfeed my son if at all possible. Adopting a dairy free diet is a huge commitment on my behalf but it's something I'm willing and completely capable of doing. I know it's not going to be easy. I love cheese. LOVE. But obviously I love my son more. ♥