Tuesday, June 18, 2013

John + Mollie | Siblings Session at the Barn | Hollister, California

I'm excited to start sharing photos from my sessions in California last month! A little back story about this abandoned barn -- When I was first starting out in photography about 6(ish) years ago I had a photo session with [then] 3 year old, Hannah, my friend Heather's daughter. We were driving around looking for a good location when we saw this barn next to the water district. It was freezing out but totally worth it. A lady working at the water district came out and yelled at us for being down there! Oops. When Heather told me her friend, Theresa, wanted photos of her cuties for Father's Day and that her style was shabby chic/vintage I knew we had to take the chance again! Call me a rebel. This time we went on the weekend and were undisturbed. It was my first time meeting the kids and they were so much fun to work with and such great listeners. Their mom brought several outfits for me to choose from for them to wear which usually is a great idea! I loved the dress Mollie was wearing from Gap - so cute!
I couldn't believe how well they got along together and was commenting on it when I was taking these photos of them together. As I was shooting the two below they were telling me that no, in fact, they hate each other. HA! Does this look like hate to you?

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