Tuesday, June 18, 2013

California Dreamin' - Benjamin's First Time at the Pool

Look at that cheeser! You know someone was excited for Benjamin's first trip to the pool. Haha! We've had so much rain since we've been back from California that it has me dreaming of the beautiful weather we experienced while we were there. A couple of days after we got to my parent's house we walked down to their community pool for Benjamin's first swimming experience. Their pool doesn't allow babies before they're potty trained so my mom had brought Benjamin his own little blow up pool. It was perfect! We put it right up to the edge so that Nana and Aiden could visit with him and I sat right by him in case he started to topple. We gave him a few toys and he really seemed to enjoy himself!
My nephew, Aiden, has been taking swimming classes for a while now so I was really looking forward to seeing all his moves. He's confident in the water but always seemed to be aware of his mama which was good. He practiced his kicks for us, showed off his floating (with assistance) skills, and "walked" along the wall with his hands to the steps. Not bad for two and a half!
A few days later I took Benjamin in the pool at my aunt's house during my sister (and cousin's) graduation party. It was pretty crowded so we were only in there a little bit before retreating to the [not very] hot tub with my sisters and Aiden. He wasn't all laughs but I think he enjoyed it. He can be pretty serious when taking in new experiences.
I'm anxious to get him in the pool more now that we're home. I had wanted to get him into swim class when we got back because they start at six months but the classes are much more expensive than I thought so it's going to have to wait a bit. It's supposed to clear up tomorrow so that might be the perfect day to finally check out our pool!

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