Friday, May 17, 2013

Latelygrams + Weight Watchin'

You may have noticed that I've been MIA the last few days. I had posts planned but then, out of nowhere, I wanted nothing to do with my computer. It was a nice little break, too. I still checked in with all my social media outlets (on my phone), of course, because what else am I going to do while I nurse my baby? Haha. It's been a few weeks since I've shared Instagrams so I'm sharing them as this weeks Bits + Pieces.
Two weeks ago I wrote about Losing Weight and Healthy Living and then I spent two weeks eating whatever I wanted and not working out. I don't know what that was about! With only a week left of my DietBet I kicked myself into gear. It's actually worked out quite nicely this week because the weather has been decent and Benjamin loves getting outside. I've noticed he actually gets a bit stir crazy cranky if we don't leave the apartment for at least a short while. I don't blame him. Georgia is truly beautiful and I made it one of my goals at the first of the year to explore and experience Atlanta with my family. This week alone we walked around the lake at Murphey Candler Park, ran into the Chattahoochee as we walked the trails at Garrard Landing Park, and walked the perimeter of Atlanta's largest city park, Chastain Park. A couple times we were joined by friends, which was nice. When we're walking narrow trails I wear Benjamin comfortably in the ring sling. Whether he's in the sling or stroller he almost always falls asleep at some point but when he's awake he loves taking everything in. And I love introducing him to nature. Besides our adventures outside we made it to mommy bootcamp this week (like stroller strides) and I went to the gym several times. I feel great! As of this morning I weighed in at 167 lbs (down 4.6). I have a few more days left of the bet and 2.3 lbs to go to meet my first mini goal. I know I can do it! I've loved this challenge and definitely want to do it again. It's been so great to do this along with my friends and family - so encouraging and motivating!
Baby Benjamin and I are flying to California on Tuesday. This weekend I'll be picking up those last minute travel necessities, packing , and spending time with my hubby who we're going to miss for the two weeks we're away. I've lined up the most fabulous guest bloggers for every day next week (and a couple of days the following) so I hope you'll stop by and give them a warm welcome!

Happy weekend!
Love, Joleen

PS - Tomorrow the votes reset over on Top Baby Blogs and we are just 10 votes away from making it to the Top 30! Would you be so kind as to vote for us now? All it takes is a quick two clicks. Please and thank you!!

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