Friday, May 3, 2013

On Losing Weight and Healthy Living

Instead of sharing Bits + Pieces this week, I'd like to discuss something that has been on my mind and in my blog queue for nearly to weeks now. Now, before I get into this I hope to meet some of your arguments off the bat. I do not lack self confidence. You can just ask my bestie, Candice, how much I love myself. Haha! I also realize that my body recently carried a baby for 9 months (and for that I am grateful)! I also do believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

That being said, I want to discuss body image and healthy living. I want to talk about my own personal "comfortable" size/weight. We all have one. I know what those calculators say I should weigh and I know what feels right for me. I am 5'4 and although my beautiful sisters (all shorties) weigh less than 120 pounds, I feel and look my best around 155. Yes, I'm going to talk numbers today. I can hardly believe it myself.

155. My magic number. It's what I weighed when I graduated high school. It's the number I return to time and again. I know, I know. "It's not about the number but how you feel; how your clothes fit." Well, that's what feeling good feels like for me. 

In 2007-2008 I was not in a good place, emotionally. I was depressed and uncomfortable in my own body which hurt from all the extra weight I was carrying. I struggled with fertility. My wake up call came when I turned 25 and saw the pictures from my birthday celebration (see disney photos below and top left hotel photo). At my highest weight the scale read 201 pounds. Something had to change.
 >> These photos are so embarrassing to me. My husband hasn't even seen them before but I feel they're necessary to share my story! <<
Enter Weight Watchers. Can't say enough good things about that program. You've got to love something that teaches a change in lifestyle versus some crazy fad diet. I started eating better and working out. Walking every single day. Slogging (slow + jogging). Jazzercise, which I loved so much (it's so fun!!!). The weight started to come off...
Then I trained for my first ever half marathon which I completed in February 2009. It just about killed me but was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. Such an accomplishment I really didn't think I had in me!
With a lot of hard work and dedication I lost 50 lbs!! In 2009-2010 I maintained a weight of 150/155 pounds and I felt great! I was walking daily and going to the gym; eating healthy meals and portions.
My weight slowly started climbing when I moved to Georgia in 2011 and by February 2012 I had gained back over 20 lbs. Six weeks before my birthday I decided to do a 6 week jumpstart to getting in shape and lost about 10 pounds. Then I found out I was pregnant and shortly after that suffered from the WORST morning sickness ever. In the beginning of my pregnancy I actually lost five pounds. I ended up gaining 28 lbs during my pregnancy but I have absolutely no complaints about it. I was healthy and happy. I've mentioned it before but I absolutely loved being pregnant. I wish I was always pregnant. Haha! Just kidding. Kind of.
>> 35 - 40 weeks; Bottom right was 3 days before I had Benjamin <<
I was lucky, in that, most of the weight came off within weeks of having Benjamin. Eventually I lost all of the weight I had gained and an additional 5 lbs. Which was where I stood just a couple of weeks ago. I feel good about having lost the "baby weight" but I've been feeling very uncomfortable in my body. The weight just sits differently. I feel frumpy and lazy. It's the weirdest thing. I was never very crazy about sweets or soda, etc. before but ever since I've had Benjamin I have a perpetual sweet tooth. It's the worst. I'm like a sugar fiend and I know it's not good for me! I know it's not good for Benjamin. I just need to get it together.
So, two weeks ago I decided to kick off my weight loss/getting into shape by starting a DietBet. The goal is to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks/28 days. Anyone who does wins and gets to split the pot! Money is always a nice motivator so I thought what the heck. I weighed in at 171.6 pounds (16 above goal). The first week I did so well! This was me the first day back in the gym after OVER A YEAR! I lost 4 lbs in the first week. 

This week is a different story. I haven't worked out at all other than walking. I have eaten a lot of crap. I have no energy. I don't know if it's because we had such a long, hard week last week with Benjamin's teething or what. I'm just tired and the last thing I want to do is work out. But, I'm not giving up! I still have two weeks to lose the remaining 4 lbs and meet my goal. I know I can do it!


  1. :) I love this post! Here's why. First of all, you are SUCH a beautiful person inside and out! You have and continue to be an inspiration to many and every time you go out on a limb and make yourself vulnerable, you empower others to stand along-side you with courage. Courage, that maybe they didn't have before visiting your corner of the world. Courage that allows them (me) to feel like they are not alone in their struggles or their journey. Weight loss is a journey and as our lives and roles change, so do our bodies--for better or worst. The great thing about having a 'bad week', is Sunday will always come and end it, a present a new opportunity to get right back on point. ;o)

    You CAN do this. You may have to restart more than once, and you may have to adjust your expectations here or there, but you got this! And by the way, I'm 132lbs. xoxo.

  2. You look amazing just the way you are Leeny! There is nothing wrong with setting goals and getting where you feel comfortable. You'll reach your goal in no time!

  3. ever since kenzie came along i crave sweets!!!! i was always a size 0 to size 3 & looked sickly! once i put on a little weight everyone said i looked better and healthy. but now m even chunkier and akward in shape since kenz. it sucks. i want so bad to lose all this weight and get healthy. i loved this post girl!!! congrats on your weight loss thus far. i know you will get to where you want to be!!!!

  4. I saw a post on instagram about the dietbet and thought I should check it out to participate. Sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing this post, it's very inspirational and encouraging for me to get back on the right track.

  5. way to go on your accomplishments!!!


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