Friday, March 15, 2013

Bits + Pieces & St. Patrick's Day Party iPhone Wrap-up

Since I post my Bits + Pieces on Fridays I've been including Saturday of the previous week into the weekly wrap-up. What a seriously fun-filled week it has been! You can see the rest of our Atlanta Fair 2013 photos here. Ben's family was here through Tuesday so we had several opportunities to spend time with them which was nice. On Tuesdays we've been going to Stroller Strides with our new mom's /playgroup. We've only gone twice so far and it's been kicking my butt. I'd like to go more often during the week and I just read that there is one at our local mall but they're expensive. Our apartment complex has a gym that Ben has been going to so maybe I'll check it out. I'm just loving getting out and meeting other moms! I finished Benjamin's "nursery" for now and plan to share that in a later post. I received the roller stamp I won last week and she sent along some extra goodies! I plan to actually print some photos in the next week or two so that I can sit down and work in Benjamin's baby books. Yes, plural. A couple of my dairy free Instagram friends have made these yummy homemade pizza pockets and suggested we try them. They're so good and super easy! They're made with crescent rolls (which are DF) and organic pizza sauce from Trader Joe's. You can fill them with whatever you want but we used spinach, salami, and mozzarella cheese. I did put a little cheese in mine. It would have been good with mushrooms and black olives but Ben doesn't do those. I also made the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes in a jar which I showed you how to make yesterday. They were fun to make and really well received today!

Can I take a minute to talk about my son this week? If it's possible I have fallen even more in love with him. I was telling Ben tonight how different it is now that he's interacting more. He's playing with his toys and every day it seems there is a new development. He's rolled from his stomach to his back. He's scooted backwards a bit. He holds himself up really high during tummy time. He enjoys his play gym more - actually batting at and holding onto the toys and wiggling to get to a different one. He's laughing more and he smiles at me constantly. Every smile he gives makes my heart absolutely melt. He's such a cool kid and I'm loving being his mama. 

Today we went to the St. Patrick's Day party you've been hearing about me prepare for and it was such a blast for both of us. We had the most gracious hostess and her living room was transformed into a total baby zone. I couldn't believe how many awesome toys they had to share! I definitely have to get Benjamin an Exersaucer as soon as possible! He loved that thing and really got into it! We'll be checking on consignment or Craigslist though because those things are way expensive retail! Anyway, I digress. All the food was yummy and I even had a couple margaritas! Here's the iPhone wrap-up:

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