Sunday, March 17, 2013


Today is my thirtieth birthday. I've thought so much about this day and have looked forward to it with great anticipation. I've always been an "old soul" and because of the stages of life I experienced at a younger age (marriage; divorce) I always related more to people older than me. I remember being 22 and starting to follow mommy blogs of 30-somethings. Thirty seem to promise stability, family, and self assurance. And yet thirty seemed so far away and grown up. Dare I say, old? Thirty was for aunts and soccer moms. The crazy thing about it all is that I wanted that! I couldn't wait to embrace my thirties! 

And here I am. God has seen me through the darkest of days and blessed me in so many ways. My life has been completely transformed in the last few years and my experiences have shaped me into this person you see before you. I am happy. I am married to a wonderful man of God who loves and respects me and we have a beautiful baby boy. My heart is full. What an extraordinary way to start a new decade, isn't it?! I cannot wait to see how our life together unfolds! Bring it thirties!!!

P.S. - In celebration of my 30th birthday I am hosting GIVEAWAYS here on the blog all week!! The giveaways include products from Erin Elizabeth Jewelry, Scentsy, Sugarboo Designs, and Miss Ruby Sue and They. Are. Awesome!! There will be a new giveaway every day Monday through Thursday and the winners will be announced on Friday! Be sure to come back every day to enter!  


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