Friday, March 8, 2013

Bits + Pieces : My Real, Real Life

I mentioned it again last week, but I have made a lot of cool connections via Instagram. You may be wondering how to go about meeting like-minded people who post photos that interest you. That's where hashtags come in. "A hashtag is a word or a phrase prefixed with the symbol #,[1][2] a form of metadata tag." [Wikipedia] In layman's terms it's a way to label your photos with keywords that are searchable. Like many nursing moms these days I spend a lot of time browsing Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest with one hand on my phone. Sometimes, I like to look up certain words to see what I might find. I found Bre when searching #hypnobirthing last summer. Bre recently had her second child and also like most moms, keeps a busy schedule. She deals with all the same day to day madness and then some. Recently, she started posting real images of her day - not only the cute and cuddly but the knitty gritty, too! She challenged her followers to do the same and tag them #myrealreallife. 

I have completely embraced this challenge. First of all, there are some hilarious women out there! Sometimes you just need to laugh at your own misfortune or commiserate over another mess or tantrum. Sometimes you need a little encouragement. I think it was such a great idea and I'm loving the new people I'm finding through this challenge.

My real, real life is crazy just like yours! As evident by the photo above, I wear a lot of hats! It's a daily "struggle" to balance my growing relationship with Christ and my family, [currently] being a work at home mom, keeping up this blog which is so near and dear to my heart, and trying to kick off my photography business here in Atlanta. All while trying to make time for new friends and play dates, family, and exploring this great city. To borrow the term - my life is so beauty FULL!

 P.S. - Bre keeps a blog, here. Go say hello.

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