Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits + Pieces : Instagram Wrap-up

I took a lot more photos with my iPhone this week as evident by my Instagram feed. Still not on Instagram? Well what are you waiting for?! It's been a great way for me to share my daily life with old friends and make tons of new ones. There are even little IG shops and giveaways. Check out what I won yesterday from Jenny of My Creative Life! So fun! 
We had such a great week and here are some of the highlights: 

Benjamin went to the nursery at church for the first time and we all survived the ordeal. He's been sucking on his hand non stop and I'm pretty sure he's starting to teethe. He's still going through a growth spurt which means a very needy baby. Lots of snuggles and nursing. This week we nursed at home, in the mother's room at church, in the sanctuary at church, in the parking lot at Goodwill, in some random parking lot on the side of the road, in the mother's room at Von Maur, and in the dressing room at Victoria's Secret. We went to lunch and shopping with GG. We went to a Night of Worship at Buckhead Church. I cooked. I baked. I got dressed more days this week then I have in as many weeks as I can remember. It's been a good week and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

PS - As always, thank you for your votes!! We have so many new readers thanks to Top Baby Blogs and I plan to have a little blog celebration very soon!

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