Friday, February 1, 2013

Bits + Pieces

February 1st. Wow. What a busy month January was! I can't believe how quickly it zoomed by. This week was so, so busy. But good. I couldn't even narrow down all the "bits + pieces" this week.

1. Ben loves the mobile in the Pack 'n Play. It consists of a hippo, zebra, and lion. He'd follow that zebra anywhere. He also has blotchy skin from where the eczema was on his face as well as skin that has rubbed off his chin while nursing. Yikes. // 2. We started taking strolls around the neighborhood this week. He mostly sleeps but I think he likes it. // 3. Gorgeous sunset. God painted the sky. // 4. Benjamin's 2 month well visit. He weighed 12 lbs. 9 oz and measured 26 inches long. I love how he's mad dogging the nurse like, "Who the heck are you and why are you touching me?" // 5. Some of his children's books and flashcards. // 6. More packing. I'll have to share more photos of this high chair/rocker later. Isn't it beautiful? It was mine as a baby and my step dad completely refurbished it for Benjamin. I can't wait to put him in it. Photo opp, anyone? // 7. The first time I saw Benjamin reach out to hold something (other than me) he wanted and I was already taking photos of him. He sure loves his Lamby. I've been wanting to get a second one and was able to score one online for $7 the other day with discounts. Yay! // 8. I sold one of my Blythe dolls. Bittersweet. She was my favorite. I still have one more listed in my Etsy shop. Lots of clothes listed and more to come. // 9. My new favorite picture of Benjamin. He was snuggly in his bear suit and Nana was about to take him for a walk while I packed. // 10. Cousins. Total grump butts but the cutest ever. They did not want to be photographed like this. They had to be bribed with a boob and M&M, respectively. // 11. Moving!! We moved everything over from my sister's to my parent's so now all of my belongings are in one space. Such a productive week on the moving front!! // 12. A special project my mom was working on. // 13. Nana bought Benjamin a playmat. // 14. He wasn't sure what he thought about it. // 15. Fried rice. Fortune: "A cheerful message is on its way to you". Nice!

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