Thursday, January 10, 2013

Simply Smitten : For Baby

A couple years ago I started a group on flickr called Simply Smitten. The idea was simple - post images of things that make your heart happy. Urban dictionary describes "smitten" as that butterfly feeling you get when you're falling in love. I've decided to add "simply smitten" as a new feature here on the blog. Each week I'll post something(s) I'm taken with. It might be a product I've found or a blog, a good book or inspiring DIY project. The possibilities are endless, I'd say! Would love for you to join me! 

1. Comfort Zone by Steven Halpern - We're somewhat obsessed. I listened to this CD throughout my pregnancy and on a loop during labor + delivery. It's so peaceful. Benjamin listens to it in the car sometimes and almost every night. We love it. No words, just music. // 2. Gerber 4 pack Organic Onesies - These onesies are clean, simple and super duper soft! They run small and are absolutely perfect for newborns. // 3. We adore our cloud b. Sleep Sheep!! I don't know what we'd do without it. We have the travel one and it goes everywhere with Benjamin. I want to get the other one that doesn't have the straps (to hang from a crib, the car seat, etc.) as well. We listen to ours so much that we've already had to change the batteries a couple of times so definitely pick up some rechargeable batteries. I would also recommend the warranty if available.
And what's a blog post without a photo of my little guy? No good, new mommy moments that I just sat back and said, "Thank you, God."

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