Friday, July 5, 2013

Peachtree Road Race 2013 + GIVEAWAY Winner

 Just waking up. >>> Ok, let's go!
Yesterday was my first time experiencing the Peachtree Road Race. Ben's start was in the 8 o'clock hour and he was taking the train to Lenox so he left really early. Benjamin normally wakes up around 7:00 although I try to keep him down until 7:30 (I'm not always so lucky). Maybe he knew that yesterday we'd need to be on our way? Whatever the reason he was awake at 6:40 and we were out of the apartment within the hour. I didn't have a clue how traffic would be on our way to Piedmont Park but thankfully the Garmin took us out of the way of the race and we got there in no time. As I entered the parking structure I wasn't completely sure I was in the right place. It was still early and I didn't see many people but those I did see were moving quickly and as soon as I got out of the car I could hear the music!
It's been raining here for weeks. I'm talking torrential and nonstop pouring. It's beyond ridiculous if you ask me and has ruined more than one set of plans. Peachtree Road Race is the biggest 10k in the country. Ben and thousands of other racers had been preparing for this day for months. On the days leading up to the race we nervously checked the weather channel and listened to the radio for updates. As we were going to bed the night before Ben was telling me that if it continued to rain the way it had been that day not even to come! I was hoping it wouldn't come to that because I wanted to support my husband and participate in the festivities! On the radio on the way to the park they were saying that runners were huddled in the parking decks to keep dry. Then, if you can believe it, the rain ended up holding out for the entire race (at least for Ben's heat) and festivities. Yay!
Benjamin and I were there from just before Ben started his race across the city. It was so fun spectating - people watching on this national holiday can be a hoot! We saw people painted in red, white, and blue! There was a man who ran in full firefighter gear and others carrying large American flags. I'm not sure Benjamin knew what to make of it all, as he quietly took everything in. We strolled around on the sidewalk for about an hour before settling in the grass near the family station for last names starting in N, O, and P. There I took Benjamin out of his stroller so we could dance to the music and wait for his daddy.
 Father and Son
I saw a few kids running with their parents and I thought that was so special! To my knowledge there isn't a fun run at this race which means they had to have run the full 6.2 miles. That's no small feat and I think it's pretty awesome! I wonder if in 8 or 9 years Benjamin will want to run this race with his daddy. I can't help but smile at that thought!
I was so excited to see my husband walking up after he'd completed the race! I think Benjamin was wondering where the heck he'd come from and why he was dripping wet (ew). Haha! Ben finished the race a full 10 minutes faster than he did last year at 56:53. He placed in under 10k out of over 55k!! I couldn't be more proud of him!!
We hung out a little while to wait for a friend of his to finish the race and then the three of us walked into the masses and MUD to get goodies from all the food stands sponsored by Publix. I had to stop to nurse the baby for a few minutes and cover the jogging stroller with the waterproof protector. I carried Benjamin in the ring sling while Ben navigated with the stroller. (By the time we got back to the car, about an hour later, my feet and legs were covered in mud!)
They had volunteers handing out all kinds of goodies- popsicles, ice cream sandwhiches, pretzels, bananas, cookies, water, Powerade, granola bars, and best of all peaches!!
 This guy knows what it's about! *wink*
 But if you ask Benjamin, he'll probably tell you the popsicle was his favorite...
It was such a great day and experience just being there! I'm so glad that the rain held out and the temperature stayed low. Next year I would really like to run it too! Maybe we can get some friends (family?) to come hang out with Benjamin at the finish and cheer for us. 


Thanks to everyone who participated in the the Love In Every Thread GIVEAWAY ! The winner of the XL Owl Print Wet (Beach/Pool) Bag is Ginger Gisi. Congratulations!  

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