Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm having a hard time believing that it's Summer already! Everyone tells you how fast time goes when you have a child and it's true. I get so caught up in enjoying the day to day (which is a good thing!) that the next thing I know a week has gone by. June has been a great month so far! After our vacation in California I came back and hit the ground running. I've been really busy with sessions, editing, and promoting this blog. It's all so exciting and I feel incredibly blessed to have this work that I am so passionate about! 

BLOGGING: In the next couple of months I'll be partnering with several new companies and bloggers to bring you some awesome GIVEAWAYS! It's going to be like Christmas in July (and August)!

PHOTOGRAPHY: There are still time slots available for the "Watermelon Patch" Summer Mini Sessions! It's going to be super cute and spaces are limited - probably because this is the lowest session fee I've EVER offered! I am currently booking for July and August sessions/events as well. Please email me with inquiries.

PERSONAL: It's been raining a lot this month. I don't remember it raining nearly so much last Summer! We've  been spending way too many days cooped up at home so every dry moment we can, we spend outside. I've made it my personal mission to visit as many Atlanta parks as possible and it's a become a fun challenge. We've definitely discovered some favorites! We love getting out together as a family whenever we can which usually means our weekends are full. We're all really looking forward to the Pete family reunion in Florida in just a couple of weeks!!

LISTENING / READING: I recently joined a book club through my mom's group. Our first meeting is mid-July and the assigned book is Fly Away by Kristin Hannah. Armed with the title, my ID, and a utility bill, Benjamin and I visited our local library. I signed up for a library card but the book I wanted had a waiting list of 77 people! Ha!! Not wanting to spend the $10.99 for the Kindle book (I'm cheap, I know), I searched for an alternative option. I was pretty stoked when I discovered that Amazon sells audiobooks through and that I could get the first book for free! Not only that but I could get it instantly to my Kindle or iPhone once I downloaded the app. I had wanted to actually try and read the book but I actually enjoyed listening to the audio version very much and will probably continue to do it that way. Is that cheating?? It was so much more convenient for me. I have Bluetooth through my car speakers and so Benjamin was able to enjoy the narrator's voice on several occasions. I finished the book yesterday and enjoyed it a lot! I'm not sure if anyone still uses Goodreads but I've updated my account (which I signed up for back in 2008) and will do my best to get my profile/reads up to date soon!

WATCHING: Ben loves Mad Men. When I first met him and was dating him I remember that I couldn't talk/text him on Sunday nights and expect a reply while he was watching it. He loves it so much that he has every season on DVD. I've been wanting to get into a new show and was interested in seeing this so I told him that after we got back from Cali I wanted to start watching it. We breezed right through season one and have just a few episodes left of season two. I am definitely hooked! I am anxious to keep watching and won't read anything about the show because it might give something away that I shouldn't know yet. In fact, when I added the link above I didn't spend any more time looking at the site than it took to copy the URL. Haha!

EATING: Maybe because it's Summer - the season of camping and fireworks - but I've been obsessed with S'mores! I love anything you can roll up in a crescent roll so when I saw Crescent Roll S'mores on Pinterest I knew I'd be making those. I made them in a muffin tin and folded them over instead of rolling them up, but it's the same concept. I had leftover supplies so this week I made Graham Cracker S'mores Candy. I didn't have a Hershey's bar and I used dark chocolate chips but they were oh-SO-good. We've also been enjoying quite a bit of soft serve. Ben isn't a huge fan of chocolate but he loves his vanilla frosties, especially in a cone.

PLANNING: It's birthday season among the mom's/playgroup we're in! Benjamin has quite the social calendar, with four upcoming parties! It has me thinking a lot about his first birthday. I know he only turns 7 months tomorrow but that just leaves 5 months for preparing! It may seem like a long time from now but when you're DIYing on a budget you have to start early. Am I right, or am I right?

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