Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Display Your Children's Artwork

A couple of weeks ago I posted How To Organize Your Children's Craft Room with before & after photos and today I get to share the custom art canvases I created for their playroom in the basement. These turned out SO cute! I love them even more than I expected! They're really simple to make, too, but you need photo editing software. I used Adobe Photoshop
I was given a box with a sampling of the girls' artwork and the first thing I did was photograph each individually on a white foam board. You can also use a scanner if you have one. The next thing I did was crop and erase backgrounds. Most of the artwork that contained writing by a teacher, I cloned the writing out [see bottom left]. If one of the girls wrote their own name, I left it alone.
After I had each piece of art edited, I created a blank canvas in PS that measured 34" x 44". This allowed for a 2" wrap-around on a 30" x 40" canvas. For the borders I used "strawberry" which, if you haven't already noticed, is a color from the palette I use for Love, Joleen Photography and this blog. I love it! It's a little more grown up than a paler pink and looks fabulous in print. Finally, I arranged the artwork on my blank canvases, flattened, and sent them to my professional printer to have printed onto fine art canvases. 
I had them shipped to me and had a heck of a time fitting them both into my Corolla with the car seat in the back seat but with a little finagling we managed! I saw them for the first time as I opened them for my clients and we all LOVED them!! They're seriously my new favorite thing and I think everyone needs to do this with their children's artwork. I loved how large they are and what a statement they make. The girls were so excited to see their artwork displayed so professionally, too!

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