Friday, May 10, 2013

Bits + Pieces

 First time in a jumperoo at our friend's house last week. He loved it.
Playtime in the morning is my favorite. He has so much energy and is fun to watch. He's sitting up better every day, too! The faces he gives me are so funny. He's always trying to figure me out. This week I feel like he has grown developmentally in leaps and bounds. He can now move around the room by finagling his body and is somewhat army crawling. 
This is a long time client of mine. I shared photography I did of her jewelry back in August 2011 when I first moved to Atlanta. I also featured her work in my Tips for Product Photography. She sells her jewelry in local craft shows as well as online. On Sunday I photographed her with her 8 year old son in Johns Creek, Georgia.
A couple of weeks ago I shared my Work in Progress: Our Balcony Patio. We had so much rain in the last week but I was dying to work out there. Slowly but surely I was able to finish my first project for the space. I just love this Valspar Gloss Bumblebee paint! It was the perfect color to paint my flea market planter. I'm so, so, so happy with how our project turned out. Scroll down for more photos.
This group photo was taken by my friend, Chanel, of Luca Love. She's my real life friend and also a sponsor of this blog! If you haven't been over to see her newly revamped blog, go check it out. This was our highly anticipated moms group/playdate picnic at Webb Bridge Park on Wednesday. It was the first really nice day (dare I say a little hot?) in a while and we were all happy to be out. 
Benjamin went on the swings for the second time ever and this time was much more interested than he was a few weeks ago. I love his little starfish position! This top photo is my new favorite of him. I just love that you can see his teeth he's been working so hard for!
Yesterday we went to lunch with my grandma (his GG) and her mother and sister for an early Mother's Day lunch. It was the first time the latter two had met my little guy so I made sure to bring my camera! So sweet. It was also the first time Benjamin sat up in a high chair! He's been doing so well with his sitting so on our way out we stopped by Kid 2 Kid for this seat cover. I really like it and love that it only cost me $9.99. Gotta love second hand consignment stores!
As promised, here are more photos of our first completed project. I love how Benjamin's face looks like, "Are you sure I can be doing this?" Haha! He looks so concerned but it was fleeting.
This last photo is super grainy but I still love it. I am really quite obsessed with it, really. I love my sweet baby boy; he makes my heart expand so much sometimes I feel like it's going to bust out of my chest. I love those piggly wiggly toes and all his cute chub. The planter turned out pretty cute too. ;) Not bad for a couple cans of paint. 

I want to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day! I'm so excited to be celebrating my first this year! Don't forget about the Origami Owl GIVEAWAY happening right now! You have until 11:59 PM EST Sunday to enter and there are ways to enter again each day! Happy weekend, my lovelies! 

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