Monday, April 15, 2013

18 Toy Storage Solutions Under $100

13. Round Belly Baskets – Set of 2 $98.00 14. Down to the Wire Floor Bins $79.00 15. Rope Low Round Bin - Orange $88.00 16. RiverRidge Kids Storage Cabinet w/2 Veggie Bins- White $84.99 17. On the Grid Nightstand (White) $99.00 18. Charming Hamper (Dots/Aqua) $89.00

>> Honorable Mention: A Wheel-y Useful Basket $129.00

Recently, I shared Benjamin's Nursery with you which is currently a portion of our living room. I am always looking for ways to keep organized and store things, especially while we're living in this small space. Eventually we'll have all of our belongings here from California and when we do I want to be able to store everything without it looking too chaotic. For the time being, Benjamin has acquired way more toys than our current storage has allowed for, so today I picked up a temporary solution similar to this for $5.99 at Target. You can't beat that!

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