Monday, February 4, 2013

Goodbye, Cali

I can't believe our move date has arrived!! Our flight leaves just after noon tomorrow. Benjamin will be 10 weeks old and we haven't seen his daddy since he was 6 days. Everyone is so excited! To tell you the truth, I am more than a little bit nervous about navigating our travels alone with an infant. I've been reading tips on some of my favorite blogs. Who knows? At the end of all this I may have some tips of my own!

Our move, like everything else in my life, is somewhat unconventional. The majority of our belongings are boxed up and labeled, sitting in my parent's garage. We will have movers pick up and drive everything across country sometime in the next few months. It was hard to decide what we didn't need until then but I did it.
I divided the remaining belongings into what we needed immediately and what we can wait on for just over a week. Tomorrow we are curb checking the car seat, base, stroller, and two full boxes of belongings. I am bringing both the ring sling and Moby wrap to switch from for carrying Benjamin. I have also packed the rolling carryon with the breast pump and bottle supplies, my laptop, and camera. Our diaper bag is a back pack and will dub as my purse or "personal item". Eeesh. That's a lot! The rest of our things will be packed into the trunk of my car which my parents are driving across country for me the following week. I've called the airline twice to make sure we have everything right. We are now checked in and ready to go!!

I ran out of packing tape last night and still have about an hour or so of packing up and closing/labeling boxes to do. We're having dinner with my family at 5:30 which is only a few hours away and so far I've accomplished absolutely nothing today! Benjamin decided that today all he'd like to do is nurse and cuddle. See this cute little sleeping baby? It only lasts about 30-45 minutes at a time. I tried telling him that I would love to cuddle with him but today is not the day. He wasn't having it.

This move is going to be such a big transition for us. We are sad to be leaving my family and friends. We'll miss having his Nana and Pop Pop around every day to snuggle with and love on. We'll miss his godmom's nearly weekly visits. We'll miss having his Aunties and cousin just up the street. It's going to be hard. But there are so many good things to look forward to. So many new adventures. We're going to be together as a family - the three of us! We'll have my grandparents and Ben's family, old and new friends. It's going to be good!
Be sure to come by tomorrow and check out a really great guest post by Stephanie of  Eat. Drink. Love. You'll be glad you did!

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