Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Wrap-up in Photos

I feel like the entire month of December I found myself saying, "I can't believe it's Christmas already!" Leading up to the end of my pregnancy I started getting really excited about Christmastime with a new baby. Our original plans had us spending the holiday with his Daddy in Atlanta. When we decided to try and move sooner that meant not making the extra trip back East. So while I've enjoyed experiencing some of Benjamin's firsts this year I am really looking forward to spending the holidays together as a family next year. 

So, speaking of firsts, can we talk about how awesome this Santa visit went? This Santa Claus was a total character. I loved the photos so much I had to buy all three poses! Haha. A total ploy for moms like me. This was our first trip out (other than to the doctor's office) and Benjamin did really great. We got in line just before Santa arrived at 11 am and just behind us was another baby; a girl born the day after Benjamin. Ben wore red "long johns" and reindeer booties that Nana bought him. There was a matching hat but it didn't fit him quite right. As soon as I handed him off to Santa he settled right back into sleep. I love how Santa pretended he was sleeping too - so cute! 
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Instagram wrap up (left to right; top to bottom): 1. Handmade Santa in front of my parent's house. // 2. Christmas Eve I was kinda in a funk - pretty much feeling over tired and overwhelmed. I ended up cutting my hair 6+ inches! I wasn't quite able to get dressed for dinner so I wore my robe and a really cute baby in the Moby. // 3. FaceTime with Daddy later that evening cheered Mommy up. I love that it looks like Benjamin is cracking up. // 4. Nana holding a sleeping baby on Christmas at my grandparents. // 5. Christmas Eve outfit wishing everyone Merry little Christmas. // 6. My first glass of wine since baby! // 7. Enjoying Christmas with my family and a sleeping baby in the Moby. // 8. I love this photo!! GQ baby in his sweater and jeans. So stinkin' cute! The black dress shoes were Aiden's when he was a baby. He was only a month older than Benjamin at his first Christmas. We love hand-me-downs! // 9. Before we went to visit our extended family Benjamin cat napped on Pop Pop. I love how sprawled out he was! He looks like a miniature kid not a newborn like that! Eeeep!
Nana recorded herself reading Frosty the Snowman for Benjamin. I'm sure we're going to be loving this gift many years to come!
Bathtime before Christmas festivities. He's so serious here which is probably what I love most about this photo. He is a very serious baby. I love his wild hair, big eyes, and pouty lips.
 Cousin tandem diaper changing. Someone hates to have his diaper changed. Ha!
Big boy cousins playing games at our grandparents. I love eaves dropping on their conversations and imagining the kind of conversations Benjamin will be having with his cousins on Christmases to come.
As I mentioned in the previous post, every year we select names for gift giving. The kids choose amongst themselves and Benjamin had my 9 year old cousin, Emily. We agreed that she deserved something special that was truly her own. In high school my friend, Melody, made me purse out of jeans and I loved it. I decided that that's what I would make Emily. I purchased a pair of children's jeans at the thrift store and the embroidery thread and crocheted flower from the craft store. My mom gave me collected tidbits - buttons, sequins, and patches to use as well. I'm so pleased with how it turned out!
 Benjamin with his Great, Great Grandma. How special is that? :)
 Nana and Aiden eating oranges.
My mom and Brad had my grandparents for Christmas. My mom made them this photo quilt and it was a huge hit. I absolutely love it! The colors and the patterns are so cheery. I definitely feel inspired!
I got the most beautiful necklace today from Heather and her peanut, Hannah. I've never seen anything like it and I love it so very much! It's from a company called Origami Owl with a really inspiring story (founded by a 14 year old!). They picked absolutely perfect charms for me! I am most certainly blessed.

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter!

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