Tuesday, March 5, 2013

2013 Easter Basket Gift Guide For Baby

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This is Benjamin's first Easter and I'm really looking forward to it! I remember how excited I was for holidays like Valentine's Day and Easter growing up. I don't remember ever believing the Easter bunny was real only because I don't remember ever all of a sudden not believing. My mom was really great about making sure we knew the real reason for the season! Even still, I always thought my mom was the coolest person ever for the goodies she would put together and have for us at our spot at the kitchen table. This is a tradition I definitely plan on carrying on with my son. I felt so special and I want him to feel that way too! Because he will only be 4 months old this Easter we really don't feel the need to buy him much - just a few tokens from this list I've compiled.

Another Easter tradition I loved growing up was getting to go shopping for our Easter outfit! This year my mom is making Ben something to go with the Dream Catcher Baby bow tie he wore to our wedding. I can't see what she makes! :)

What are your Easter traditions?

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  1. love this! I tried to make one, mine was breast feeding musts. but i am not that good at it!
    Oh && i def want that blanket!!!


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