Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY : Birthday in a Box

My sister, Aimee's birthday is exactly one week before mine and we're just that one week shy of two years apart. Growing up we celebrated many of our birthdays together. Looking back, I have very fond memories of joint birthday parties we had - sleepovers and puppet shows, Chuck E. Cheese's. Nearly 30 years later we both have boys almost exactly 2 years apart. This Fall when Benjamin turns one and Aiden turns 3 we plan to throw a joint birthday party and I couldn't be more excited.

Since Aimee and her family live in California I'm not able to attend her birthday dinner. I saw this really fun idea to send a "birthday in a box" on Pinterest (of course!) and knew it would be perfect. I love the idea of themed boxes and have seen some really cute ones. I wanted to do my own little spin and got a mix of things just for Aimee as well as some she could share with Aiden. I'm a huge fan of Shop Sweet Lulu for party supplies as you saw from my Atlanta baby shower. I can't sing their praises enough! Super cute products, excellent prices, and seriously fast shipping.  
1. wacky string // 2. polka dot candles // 3. cupcake in a jar (or in this case two) // 4. party animal blow outs // 5. cupcake liners // 6. punch balloon // 7. happy birthday tiara // 8. mini korbel champagne bottle // 9. rainbow stripey straw mix // 10. a box
Hit a couple of barriers trying to get this package out. I had wanted to put everything in one of those cute pink boxes that donuts come in and then package that up to ship. I ordered these pink bakery boxes thinking that's what I was getting but neglected to read the dimensions and they're favor size. Cute and I'll definitely use them but they weren't large enough for this. Second, did you know that you can't ship champagne? Because I had absolutely no idea. I'll spare you the details but this package had to be sent sans booze. Womp womp. She received a rain check instead and thanks to Paypal I'll be fulfilling it later this week via our mom at her birthday dinner. (It's ok, Mom, she knows.) In the end I think it was a success!