Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Weeks + Counting

In two short weeks from today baby Benjamin and I will be moving to Atlanta to be with Daddy. We haven't seen him since Benjamin was 6 days old (he turned 8 weeks today!) so we are all very excited! It's meant a lot of work for Mama this last week and a lot more still to come. I've been storing most of my belongings in my sister's garage for over a year and a half (Eeep! Thanks Aimee!). It was already pretty well organized but I needed to sort through to find more clothing that fits me now and to see what I could do about purging a bit more. I've been really into this purging thing the last few years. It's time to let go of some things I no longer need and haven't even seen in years. 

In the process I've put aside two boxes of items to add to my etsy shop! Today I've added quite a few of my craft + interior design books and magazines. We could use the extra money for our move much more than we could use a pretty book. Go take a look! More coming soon. ♥
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