Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy November! I hope you had a fun Halloween. Yesterday morning my sister, Sarah, her friend, Nicole, and I had a pumpkin carving date (picture tomorrow). Then we baked the pumpkin seeds. I more or less used this recipe but I used sea salt and more than directed. They were perfectly yummy and salty - just the way I like them! The family went with my nephew to the extravaganza at church but I stayed back because I wasn't feeling very well and we needed someone available to hand out candy. We didn't have a single Trick-or-Treater! I couldn't believe it.

I "celebrated" Halloween last Saturday. My best friend, Candice, hosted a Halloween party at her apartment in Fullerton. I spent the night Friday and we spent all day Saturday shopping, decorating, and getting ready for the party. She had so many fun decorations and crafts! She completely remade the topiaries from my baby shower to match! The balls were painted black and covered in plastic spiders and the base was filled with candy corn - so clever! She colored white paper bags to create luminaries for the front patio and I drew the one pictured above.
Outside her balcony patio was completely decked out with lights, webs, and other decorations. She had two round tables that we covered with purple table cloths. She asked me to decorate these black foam pumpkins to use as centerpieces so I set to work with a big box of buttons, some ribbon, and a hot glue gun. They turned out super cute!
Once everything was "just so" we were able to get ready. Candice was the cutest bee! Her sister Jasmine came over to do her hair and it turned out really pretty! I bought this skeleton iron on at Inspire Your Walls on Etsy and my mom ironed it on this maternity tank from H&M. It turned out *so* cute!! I wore it with black leggings and you can't see it here but black and orange stripey socks over orange tights that I cut into over the knee socks. My mom bought me this orange glitter skull with glittery bow headband and Joann Fabrics. It was perfect! Everything turned out great and we had a blast! If you can believe it I was able to stay awake with everyone until almost 4 am! Fun times.

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