Friday, November 2, 2012

Bits + Pieces

Phew, what a week! It's been productive to say the least and I like weeks like that. 1. Brunch at Rialto Cafe in Fullerton, California with Candice on Sunday. 2. Later that afternoon I went to Corona del Mar for a maternity session with JeniRae Photography. I was super nervous about it because I'm not used to being on that side of the camera in a professional setting. I had a blast and I love how the photos turned out! This is one of my favorites. 3. Happy mail I received from my boyfriend in Atlanta (who I love and miss so much!!!) and my guest design goodies from Pretty Little Studio. So exciting and fun! 4. Pumpkin carving date with my sister, Sarah, and her friend, Nicole. Sarah painted her knucklehead pumpkin to look like pimples. Ha! Ewww. (It actually turned out really cute!). Afterward we roasted the pumpkin seeds. Yummy!! 5. Earlier this week I turned in my pre-registration forms at the hospital and today I packed my bag. 37 weeks tomorrow and so excited to be meeting my son soon! ♥ Enjoy your weekend, my lovelies! 

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