Sunday, September 16, 2012

Baby Crafting Galore

Still a making-for-baby machine over here! This weekend I made several burp cloths using the tutorial I found here. These were very simple to make and turned out great! 

We've also been finishing up projects for my baby shower next week. Candice came over last night to help and today she and my mom made two more candy topiaries, only with dum-dums this time. 

We're going to have a onesie and bib decorating station at the shower so today we prepped for that and I created a sample. I made this one of Georgia based on this tutorial. My mom had this heart button for me to embellish it (so cute!)!
In all my making, I put together two baby gift sets to list in my etsy shop. Each of these sets includes two custom burp cloths and two coordinating soothie pacifier clips. I hope you like them!

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  1. so cute.. you know you are making kind of hard to *make* things for your shower.. I am not exactly a registry kind of girl ;)
    Heather ( who will see you 4 days!!!!)


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