Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week Two | Check In

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a super sweet Valentine's Day! Today was my weigh day and I lost 3 lbs. during Week 2!! This brings my total during this challenge to 5.6 so far! Here is the breakdown for Week 2:
No alcohol. >> Easy.
No coffee drinks. >> Not as easy as last week. There were a couple of times where I could have used a cup (but not so much the chocolate and whip which is why this is part of my challenge in the first place!)
No fast food. >> This was kind of hard for me this week. It's that time of the month and I have low iron to begin with. Typically I crave cheeseburgers around now but I got through the week just fine without. I did have pizza twice but managed to stay within my points. Whew!
Dessert 2x per week. >> I was a little better about this, this week. I ate the two little truffles that came in the cute boxes pictured above (thanks, Heather!) one day and another day I ate 3 squares of a dark chocolate bar. Not bad!
Cardio 3 hours per week. >> I totally goofed on this one!! I had in my head that Wednesday (today) was part of the second week but even though my weigh days are Wednesdays, my workouts are counted only through Tuesday. Oops! I only got in 2 hours then. I took it easy for a few days. However, I did get in an hour on the treadmill this morning (it just won't count until Week 3's results).
Strength training 1 hour per week. >> I did a LOT better than last week but still came up 25 minutes short. I'm determined to make all of my goals for Week 3!!
How did you do this week? What's working for you? What isn't? ♥

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  1. Good luck on your WW goals! I SO need to do that, too, but can't find the motivation yet. Found you through Sweet Stamp Shop and saw you live in the Atlanta area, so I checked out your blog. SOOOOO cool! Love it! Glad you are enjoying it here. ~Hugs!


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