Monday, August 26, 2013

35 Minute SMASH* Book Update

You would think that Benjamin had the best baby book but the truth is I've barely done a thing in it. At the first of the year I set a goal to finish a SMASH* book because I thought that it would be much easier faster than a traditional scrapbook. And it totally would be if I got around to printing photos more often. 

Recently, CVS ran a special - 50 4x6 photos for $5.00. I normally re-size my images to fit onto 8x10's which I explained here but those are $3.99 each so I went with the 4x6's this time. Each one fit two 3x3 squares without a border. Although I actually prefer the border this ended up working out better because I was able to fit more photos on a page. 
We have gone to a lot of first birthday parties in the last couple of months so I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate one, two page spread to each one. I've been putting aside each invitation and any [relatively] flat souvenirs, such as a party hat or favor bag to include. 

Last week Benjamin was sick and so his naps were unpredictable. Not knowing how long he would be asleep meant any time crafting would be limited. I was able to save a lot of time by keeping my SMASH* book, photos, and memorabilia in one bag. Set up, "smashing" four birthday spreads, and clean up took just 35 minutes! There is something quite rewarding about that!

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