Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Guest Blogger | The Cork Tree - Summer Bucket List

summer is right around the corner and that means its time for splashing in the pool, grilling out, drinking cold sweet tea, and spending lots and lots of time outside! there are so many fun things to do, that i thought i would give myself a game plan so i don’t miss anything. i’m a bit of a planner, can you tell? {although impromptu adventures can be fun too} my list consists of fun outings, yummy treats, beauty tips, and random summer projects! here’s a sneak peek – just for you!

#1.Family Adventure: atlanta botanical garden’s Imaginary Worlds. i have lived in atlanta most of my life and have only been to the botanical gardens once. sad, i know. but, since becoming a mommy {almost a year ago, gulp}, i’ve really enjoyed revisiting and rediscovering some of atlanta’s kid-friendly spots. when i heard that the gardens were hosting a new “living exhibit” over the summer, i knew we had to check it out. Imaginary Worlds features 19 magnificent living sculptures of magical creatures that are sure to make imaginations run wild. i personally can’t wait to see the giant {friendly} ogre and the beautiful and vibrant butterflies.

#2. Summer Blockbuster: disney’s The Lone Ranger. there’s no better way to escape the summer heat than by drinking a huge coke, eating twizzlers, and cooling off at the movies! summer always promises an action-packed line up of blockbuster hits - and 2013 won’t be an exception. one of the movies i’m most excited about is the lone ranger. this remake of the classic t.v. series stars johnny depp {he’s a fav} as Tonto and armie hammer as the iconic lone ranger. this unlikely duo takes us on a journey filled with twists and turns and few laughs sprinkled in between. can’t wait until july 3rd to see it!

#3. Mommy Must-Have: topless and barefoot (nail polish, that is) by Essie. it’s the kind of color that only looks good with a sun-kissed tan. plus, one of my favorite things about summer is pampering feet after they’ve been hiding all winter.

#4. Mommy + Daddy Date Night Adventure: The Atlanta Food Truck Park. date night is a precious commodity around our house. so when mommy and daddy get a chance to go out {alone} we try to make it count! what a better way to get the most bang for you buck than a park with over ten different food options?! anything from meatballs to cupcakes and barbeque to gyros. {gah}. my mouth is watering already. the atlanta food truck park not only offers a wide array of delicious culinary treats, it also has plenty of covered picnic tables, a weekend farmer’s market, and live music from local bands. this sounds like the perfect place for a date night with my sweetheart….

#5. Honey-do: you didn’t think i’d forget to add a little something for hubby to do, did you?! my husband loves to grill, especially during the summer. he takes care of the grill and i make a side dish. it works out nicely for everyone involved. chicken, fish, and burgers are all easy enough and staples around here. so why not try something new? dessert on the grill! insert this deee-licious recipe for Grilled S’more Banana Boats from very culinary. this recipe is simple and easily customized to your tastebuds! i think i will stuff my banana boat with dark chocolate and marshmallows and then sprinkle it with the graham cracker crumbs and a few walnuts…..yummm. bananas are a fruit, so this must be totally healthy! Right?

i plan on checking all of these off my list {plus a few more} by the end of the summer. if you’d like to tag along on our adventure, check out my blog!

what’s on your summer bucket list?

let’s chat soon,


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