Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Ben Wore + His Spring Wishlist

Welp, we're just about back to our regularly scheduled broadcast. There is just over an hour left to enter if you haven't already!! I hope you had as much fun with my 30th birthday blog celebration as I did! Thank you so much for participating!! Yesterday was the first day of Spring (yipee!) and we're pretty excited around here. Except for the pollen. Gotta get used to being in the South! I can't wait to show you photos from my birthday picnic at Piedmont Park. I'll probably be blogging all weekend long just to share all my birthday fun! 

My mom just sent Benjamin THE CUTEST leggings and we've been sporting them all week. You probably noticed a pair of them in the Sugarboo post, too. So cute! I thought we were about due for another "What Ben Wore". I kinda adore this outfit. Like. A lot.
So, this morning when I got him dressed, I thought to myself, "Self. This outfit would look really great if Benjamin had a jean jacket." The truth is that when I took most of these photos this morning he didn't even own a jacket that fit! He's grown so much and so fast. He's already outgrown the jacket we came from California with last month. (Aww, he was so itty bitty then!) I bundled him up in a hoodie and we made a pit stop at Kid2Kid on the way to visit my grandparents today. One quick look on the 6 mo + rack (yes, my 3 month old is wearing 6-12 month clothing) and I spotted exactly what I was looking for! A jersey lined denim jacket from Baby Gap with a price tag of... $3.38! Sold!
Spring has us dreaming of warmer weather, bright colors, and fun patterns. Here are some things we are swooning over:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

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