Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DIY : Mini Paper Chain St. Patrick's Day Photobooth Backdrop Tutorial

I've always been a huge fan of St. Patrick's Day...because it also happens to be my birthday. The very first thing I bought Benjamin when I found out I was pregnant last April were these shamrock pajamas on clearance. When we realized that Benjamin was quickly outgrowing his 3-6 mo. footies last month my mom cut off all the feet and added ribbing. Thankfully, he didn't outgrow it before he had a chance to wear it for St. Patrick's Day!

A little over a week ago I picked up these props while out grocery shopping because I wanted to take some fun family photos. Then I was invited to my new mom's group St. Patty's Day party (which I'm super excited about!) and after discussing party ideas, knew I had to make a fun photobooth backdrop. I had seen this cute backdrop on Pinterest and decided to make it on a much smaller scale.
Supplies: I purchased a pack of [5 shades of] green cardstock at Micheal's for $3.99 and used all but the lightest shade in this project. Each sheet makes one paper chain. You need six sheets of each of the four colors totaling 24 sheets of cardstock. A paper trimmer would be much quicker, easier, and more precise than scissors but mine wasn't available to me. Thankfully, I can cut a straight line but this project definitely took longer as a result. Adhesive. The tape runner did NOT work on this project. Glue dots only worked slightly better. I ended up using a mini stapler but would also recommend possibly using a hot glue gun. A wooden dowel approximately one yard long. They had several widths and I just picked one I felt could hold the weight without buckling. I believe the one I'm using is 1/2 inch in diameter. String to hang the backdrop from at desired height. I used embroidery floss in an ivory shade.
Directions: From each sheet of cardstock cut 12 long strips 0.7 in. wide and then cut in half so that they're 5.5" in length. Each sheet will yield 24 small paper strips. Use all 24 strips to create one paper chain. Make six chains in each of the four colors totaling 24 mini paper chains. Create a variegated pattern and "string" onto the wooden dowel. Tie embroidery floss to both ends and hang at desired height. If you used a stapler, like I did, to create your chains then go back through and turn each chain so that the staples are against the wall and not prominent in your photographs. 
Have fun with it!! I can't wait to use this backdrop later in the week at my mom's group party. I think it will be so cute to make photo strips using photos of the babies as well as the babies with their mommies. I'll be sure to share some photos!
I can't believe how big my sweet boy is getting! 
15 weeks | 16 lbs. | 26 in.
This photo turned out blurry but I just had to share it because I still love it so much. Benjamin is very serious in a lot of photos but mostly I think it's because he's taking in whatever is going on. A lot of the time that means a camera or my phone in his face. Anytime we catch his smiles or laughs on camera it means so much to me. He lights up my heart and brings me such joy.


  1. I love that! super creative. I remember making those links back in elementary school!!

  2. LOVE! I love the last picture of Ben and Baby Ben...they both have a smirk on their face. I love that Ben gets silly with/for you. Poor lil Benjamin doesn't have a chance....he'd just better get used to the camera! lol. I'm actually thankful that you take so many makes me feel closer to you. Missing you all so much. xoxo

  3. Beautiful shots! Can't wait to use the photo booth on Friday!!


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