Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bits + Pieces | My Birthday Week

I had such a great week and so many people helped to make it special! Turning 30 probably never felt so great!! We kicked things off last Saturday by visiting my grandparents (two of my most favorite people). At their house they gave me my gift from my family back home in Cali which was a sewing machine!! My grandparents got me a sewing kit to get me started. I am super duper excited about it! After I opened my gifts we went to lunch at On the Border. I have been craving fajitas like no other and basically astounded the rest of the table by polishing off every. single. bite. After lunch, that afternoon, my best friend, Candice, came to stay with us for a few days. She'd flown in several days before to go with her parents to Ashville, NC but was just getting in to Atlanta for a visit. It was so great to see her and to catch up on our busy, changing lives. That night I left Benjamin [for the first time!!] for a few hours with his daddy to have a couple drinks at a place called 3 Sheets. It felt so weird to be out but I had a nice time with great company. 

Sunday was my actual birthday and there were only 3 things I asked for. Pink cake, champagne, and a picnic at Piedmont Park. After eating my birthday breakfast which consisted of a cupcake and mimosa, we packed up for our picnic. It was the first really nice day in a while and the park was filled with families who has the same idea. It seriously could not have been better! There were too many photos to share so I will post them tomorrow. After we ate and had been there a while my sister-in-law, Nikki, and her husband, Derek, joined us. While they played catch and practice for their upcoming softball league with Ben, Candice, the baby, and I strolled around the park some, people watching and chatting while I tried to be incognito about photographing random people. It really was a good time!

On Tuesday, a few of my new mom friends took me out for a birthday lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I couldn't eat any cheesecake (dairy free diet) but I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch just the same! I love getting together with these girls and it meant so much for them to think of me. Candice had to be at the airport that evening to fly back to California so after lunch we went to Atlantic Station to kill time and shop a bit. Benjamin met us for dinner at a restaurant called Strip (sushi! yum!) and then together we took Candice to the airport. I really had a wonderful week. Thank you for all the sweet comments, emails, and Facebook messages. I felt very loved! 

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  1. Great pix Jo. Thanks for sharing. LOVE the picture of Benjamin on the bottom of your collage with the red hat. Love the bath pictures too! xo


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