Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bits + Pieces [image heavy]

I have a feeling that all of my posts are going to be "image heavy" moving forward. If you haven't already noticed I am slightly obsessed with my son. There will be no shortage of photographs to flip through and ooh and aah over with his future intended, that's for sure! Benjamin is currently 3.5 weeks old. I can't believe he'll be one month old in less than a week. I have a feeling I'll be saying that a lot in the coming weeks; months; years. It goes by so quickly, doesn't it? These weeks are a bit of a blur. We're still spending most of our days in bed and you'd be surprised by the amount of times I've noticed my shirt is inside out. I've given up on my hair altogether and can promise you that a cut is in the very near future. Benjamin is growing like a champ and currently weighs 9 pounds, 8 ounces.

1. Auntie Sarah helped hold baby Benjamin while we made footprint canvases for gifts. // 2. Benjamin's first art project - a collaboration with Mommy. // 3. We had our first real bath this week. I decided to sit in the tub with him so that he wouldn't be scared and he absolutely loved it. I had his towel, pjs, diaper, brush, and blanket waiting for him on the bed with the space heater on. Before we ever got out of the tub I put his robe on to carry him over to the bed in so he was never cold. He didn't shed a single tear! // 4. Gangsta baby in his car seat - we went to and from the doctor's office twice this week (because it's a terrible office and we ended up getting rescheduled after we were already there. We won't be returning.) Benjamin had his circumcision procedure yesterday which I had a LOT of anxiety about but he was amazing and didn't cry one bit. I'll be happy when he's completely healed. // 5. Nana with his cousin, Aiden. We crashed the party a couple times while my mom was watching Aiden. // 6. Auntie Jaydean babysitting. Ha! // 7. Auntie Sarah babysitting. // 8. In his rocker which he seems to like more and more. He still doesn't care about the toys but he loves that blue dot and I've caught him smiling at it mid stare. // 9. My battle wounds. I'm still using the BioOil once or twice a day. I'm anxious to see how these fade and to be able to workout that flab. I'm feeling a little better about it, though. I carried this baby in there!! // 10. We're loving our Moby Wrap. I should do a "baby favorites" post but I digress. Ventured out on our own for a while the other evening. I'm loving the wrap because it's comfortable for us both and he feels secure enough to sleep in it. // 11. Breastfeeding. By far the biggest challenge we have and the hardest thing I've ever done in my entire life. It makes labor seem like a walk in the park. Was feeling very discouraged late last week because of the pain that no one seems to tell you about. I'm so lucky to have people to turn to for encouragement (thank you, Joy!!!) and advice. We went to Moms 2 Moms again today so that I could talk to the lactation consultant. I'm feeling a little better about our latch but I still have some issues we need to work out. I couldn't be more dedicated and determined to do this but I'm really looking forward to the "other side" when I can enjoy the process more. Only in the last couple of days have things began to look up and I can see the potential this has as a bonding experience. // 12. and // 13. My little peanut tonight. I see him growing every day and I'm so proud of us both for all the hard work is paying off. I love that his little face is filling out. I'm especially obsessed with those lips! He's so strong - holding his head up longer and longer each day, grasping our fingers, and kicking up when his feet touch on something. I love him so much. ♥


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