Friday, November 9, 2012

Bits + Pieces

 1. I rocked the vote on Tuesday along with the rest of our country. 2. Had my weekly OB appointment. Also stopped by the hospital for some last minute questions and interviewed a pediatrician for the baby. 3. I listened to a 2 day webinar on The Joy of Marketing called Get Booked while editing and writing in bed. Ignore that I pretty much live in these yoga pants now. 4. Sitting on my exercise ball while watching tv. Ironic, much? 5. Pomegranates. My sister and I used to steal these from the neighbor's trees whenever we visited our dad (that, and lemons). Ha! We saw them the other day at the grocery store and decided to pick one up. As an adult I'm kinda thinking these are way more work than they're worth. ;)

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