Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baby Space

It will come as no surprise to you that I am obsessed with everything baby! I am one of those mamas-to-be that CANNOT WAIT to find out my baby's gender so that I can really go to town. There is a lot I don't know about our future but it doesn't stop me from dreaming, hoping, wishing, and planning. Of course I want a happy, healthy baby more than anything!! However, I have dreamed of having a little girl all of my life and until I know otherwise that is how I think about this wee one. (Don't worry, I've kept all my receipts! ;) ) I have absolutely no clue where me and baby are going to live but I love making plans for the nursery. (I do have ideas for a boy, too!) I don't really know if this falls under any certain style. It pulls from vintage and shabby chic but with pops of color. I am not about spending a ton of money and would like to do a lot of the projects on my own with the help of family. *wink wink*! I saw a couple nurseries online with yellow painted cribs and I am officially obsessed! More than anything I about died when I saw this Hanging Moon Mobile - gorgeous right?! I'm also completely smitten with Cecily Blushing Beauty by Pretty Little Things!! In a recent trip to the flea market I picked up these adorable vintage planters. I've cleaned them really well and plan to use them as containers/decor in the baby's room. ♥

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  1. You better be having a girl because I already made you something.. LOL
    Hurry up next 3 weeks for that sonogram!!


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