Thursday, March 1, 2012

Week Four | Check In

I was tempted to title this blog post FAIL or Why I'm Too Tired to Really Care. ;) This week I actually gained .2 lbs. Sure, I'm a little disappointed but I am also not surprised. I know that these things happen. I've been through this before. It's really easy to get discouraged but I'm determined to shake it off! I've made it through FOUR weeks so far!! That, in and of itself is an accomplishment if you ask me. Here's the skinny (hardy har har):

No alcohol/coffee drinks>> This hasn't been difficult but I will say that I kind of miss meeting friends for drinks. I think it's helped me to re-evaluate the frequency in which I want this to happen moving forward. It's kind of been nice that I have my birthday to look forward as a special treat and celebration.
No fast food.>> Only a couple of times has this been a challenge for me. It's hard when your break room smells like Chik-fil-a! A lot more time and effort goes into making healthier eating choices for sure, but it's been worth it! I feel better and I'm very rarely hungry. It's also costing me far less money. I have eating healthy breakfasts, lunches, and snacks down. Dinner is really a challenge for me. By the time I get home from work most night it's 8:30. I want something quick, easy, and good. I would love some ideas if you have any because I'm feeling totally uninspired.
Dessert 2x per week.>> This was actually much easier than in previous weeks. I've been eating a lot of fruit which helps deter sugar cravings. I was faced with a table full of cookies, soda, chips, and dip at a church function on Sunday night and am proud to say I only indulged in one cookie. I savored it too. It was kinda nice. Haha!
Cardio 3 hours per week/Strength training 1 hour per week.>> I really feel like this is where I failed this week. I've figured out that I can only really get myself to work out if it's in the morning and not after a full day of work. In the previous weeks I've had no problem spending my mornings before work exercising, eating a good breakfast, and spending time reading/studying. This past week I had to spend my mornings running my car back and forth to various repair shops and the dealership (that's for a whole other blog post) and only managed to get in a total of 1.5 hours of exercise all week. I noticed a HUGE change in the amount of energy I have and the way I feel during the day. I am tired all day long.
I only have two more weeks left of this first 6 week challenge. I've realized two things - One, that 6 weeks goes by very quickly and goals you set in that time frame are very achievable. Two, that I'm going to start a new set of challenges for myself immediately following my birthday. What are some goals that you have for yourself right now? What are you doing to achieve them?

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